Making American Crates Again & Premier League Presidents Quiz

For National American Beer Day on 27th October and with the upcoming US election in mind, we've put together a selection of 24 juicy, USA-inspired UK craft beers for the ride.

It's also reminded us to dig out the old BeerHoundsUK lockdown quizzes – I mean, once you've recycled a load of cardboard, the mind needs stimulation of some sort. Here's our Premier League / US Presidents quiz:

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Judd Trump is in Lincoln. People keep using the Hoover while he's trying to listen to Kate Bush, and he can't even concentrate on his 'Garfield' magazine. That's why he's gone to the Lefties AGM.
Help Mr Trump get the lefties' names right, would you? All players have played in at least one Premier League game, and share their missing name with a former US President.
Qs 1-10 require a surname as an answer.
Qs (11 to 14) require a player's forename as an answer.

Score 0 – 4: Unconstitutional.
Score 5 – 8: Make amendments.
Score 9 – 13: Have a nice day :)
Score 14 – 17: Fit for office.
Score 18 – 21: Air Force One.
Score 22: POTUS!


Check out the THE UK/US ROUTE 24 CRATE
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