Supplying during Covid

Supply lines are occasionally inconsistent and irregular at the best of times, so we're VERY grateful to our staff and all of our suppliers and delivery partners for working sensibly and safely during these strange times. There truly are some amazing people out there, not to mention workers having to actually deal with the current chaos at the sharp end. We salute you!

We are also grateful to our customers for their patience when we sell out of a particular beer. Thank you. Stock is still coming in, so we will update when we have had deliveries.

This has been a very difficult and, at times, desperate time for many people across the world, and it seems sociopathic for us to moan about anything to do with work at the moment. In fact, we are in no doubt that we are lucky to even be in a job! That's why you can rely on us to try our very best to maintain the connections and stock lines we have, and to sniff out any great, new beers that we can get our paws on. Stay safe and sane.

Kind regards,

The BeerHoundsUK Team


P.S What's that? There's an amazing craft beer that we don't stock?! Please tell us about it here.

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