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Let us shock you...we absolutely LOVE our craft ales!
That's why we sniff out delicious beers from craft breweries in the UK and around the world, and allow you, the customer, to build your own crate by selecting every can that goes in.
Depending on your order, delivery is FREE to UK addresses on orders made before 1pm. (Longer timescales apply for Scottish Highlands and Northern Ireland) See our Delivery Terms for more on this.

Our minimum order is 12 beers. This is to stay viable and to help keep our delivery costs low.

Our prices are set at the most competitive price-per-beer we can possibly manage. When you make an order, you will receive a loyalty discount of 10% off your next order (Valid for 28 days).

Customers can also make savings on our carefully crafted Hound Crates -  great if you're struggling for inspiration or if you just want us to do the leg work for you.
Happy browsing!


The BeerHoundsUK team has a great passion for delicious craft ales and, after years of 'research' and discussing the idea, we finally took the plunge and set up our own company! However, we founded BeerHoundsUK in 2020 out of frustration, as much as anything else... 

Firstly, we grew tired of 'filler' beers in mixed boxes. This made us determined to create a company that only sells great beer, with the apparently edgy strategy of letting our customers choose exactly the beers they want.

We are independently owned and, therefore, not obliged to sell any beer that some distant Head Office would want us to shift. Instead, our buying policy is driven by our staff and our customers. Please get in touch if you think there's a beer we should get our paws on!

Also, we'd had enough of being spammed with bamboozling, repeated 'deals' online which were then slashed by 20% or whatever the next month. That got us thinking... er, why not just ALWAYS offer customers a bespoke selection of great craft beers for the lowest price-per-beer that we can possibly manage?

And then there's the box... we know from personal experience how frustrating a leaky, damaged delivery can be. Our beers are precious cargo and that's why they come packaged in and protected by one of the sturdiest boxes available. More on our box here.

Oh, and there's the customer service! We aren't that busy chasing new customers that we forget the customers we already have. Please, do contact us on info@beerhoundsuk.com or 0116 482 1575 if you have any further questions.

Our mantra is... great beers, great box and great service.
Admittedly, we are relying on the business maxim 'People know a good thing when they see it', but we think we're barking up the right tree.


We don't leave beer with children. Anyone ordering and receiving a BeerHoundsUK delivery must be able to show ID to prove that he/she is at least 18 years old. We take our licensing and pastoral responsibilities very seriously, so we are grateful to our lovely delivery partners for being our eyes on the street. Please take it as a compliment if you are challenged to prove your age - I never get asked any more.

We don't sell any particular beer 'because we have to'. We think that all fans of beer should be able to enjoy a lovely, juicy brew of their choice, whether they bought it from us or not. However, if you are looking for filler, then please visit www.wickes.co.uk. They've got shelves of the stuff!

We won't spam your mailbox trying to flog unnecessary, meaningless landfill - just like we won't clog up your letter box or pollute your box of beer with straight-to-the-recycling-bin bumf.

We don't avoid or evade tax - we are owned and based in the non-tax haven of Shropshire. We're all in this together, and we're proud to be pulling our weight.

Finally, we will NEVER pass our customers' details on to dodgy third parties just to earn a few more pennies - simply put, life is too short to be plagued by marketing idiots. And anyway, we care much more about beer than cookies. For more on this, see our Privacy Policy.

As we said earlier, you can expect BeerHoundsUK to only offer great craft beers for the lowest price-per-beer that we can possibly manage.

What we expect from you:

Enjoy your beers responsibly, then please recycle the empty cans and the box. Job done!

Thank you.

Back to the BEERS!

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